Big Changes

Can Come in Small Packages


Our Philosophy

We are committed to making a real impact in the fight against plastic waste. Investing in waste management infrastructure to migrate Ocean Bound Plastic (OBP) is necessary to make a difference today. Our collection and processing of raw materials is the first step in reintroducing these materials to the supply chain to reduce the demand for virgin plastics.


Our goals

  • Work towards innovative solutions to create demand for Ocean Bound Plastics.

  • Collect and process as much material as possible in at-risk communities.

  • Process poor quality materials into useable polymers.

  • Develop packaging using 100% OBP and recycled material.

  • Drive incremental wages to lower-income communities.


What is Ocean Bound Plastic?

Ocean bound plastic are discarded materials within 50 kilometers of our seas, streams, rivers, and lakes that is likely to enter the ocean. OBP is a critical element in the fight against the plastic pollution crisis. About 80% of the oceans’ plastic contamination is from land so capturing OBP before it becomes ocean plastic is one of the most impactful solutions to this global crisis.

Our Partners

ORG’s recycling facility in the Dominican Republic safely and efficiently collects, cleans, sorts, bales, and ships ocean-bound plastic to be re-introduced into the packaging supply chain. ORG diverts ocean bound plastics to help companies achieve sustainability goals. In 2023, ORG expects to recover 24 million pounds of ocean bound plastic, equating to 528 million plastic bottles. 

rePurpose Global is the world’s leading Plastic Action Platform, pioneering solutions that enable organizations to take action on their plastic footprints and support waste entrepreneurs to recover plastic from nature. Through rePurpose Global’s Impact Projects, they are building waste management systems and infrastructure where they’re most needed to fight plastic pollution. rePurpose Global is not just recovering plastic waste, but has a range of solutions that support brands to take action on their plastic footprints, by driving collaboration at a global scale.

Our plastic recovery efforts are also tracked, measured, verified and certified by our partner, rePurpose Global

Making Waves Towards


What is Plastic Neutral and Negative?

Being certified Plastic Neutral means that we remove as much plastic from nature as we use in our product packaging and shipping.

Being certified Plastic Negative means that we remove twice as much plastic from nature as we use in our product packaging and shipping.

What Verified Plastic Removal?

For every additional kilogram of plastic waste recovered from the environment, one verified plastic removal credit is generated on behalf of the brand.

(Plastic Neutral)

ONE rePurpose Global’s verified plastic credit


Kg of plastic waste recovered

ONE rePurpose Global’s verified plastic credit generated


additional Kg of plastic waste avoided, recovered or recycled

(Plastic Negative)

ONE rePurpose Global’s verified plastic credit


Kg of plastic waste recovered